To schedule a massage, please go to the appointments tab and look at my schedule, to check your location for availability. I am in Bellevue, WA one week a month, remaining time is spent in Creswell, OR. To verify appointments , call 425-208-1383.

My training and approach stem from Chinese Medical Qigong which addresses your body at the level of the energy controlling it. Qigong energy work seeks to maintain optimal health through preventative care, to avoid imbalance or disease.  In addition, my training in Swedish, Mana Lomi, hot stone, deep tissue, reflexology, and various other touch techniques incorporates knowledge from Western medicine and some of the recent studies of the role fascia plays.

Using Qigong energy has enabled me to sense uneven tension in a human body. Basically,  I can tune in and feel the signals put out by the proprioreceptors embedded in the fascia of a client that tell the brain the strain level and distance the fascia of each muscle cell is subjected to. This is what I call my “Chinese MRI”.  In addition, when I touch a client and close my eyes, I see them in a slightly altered form and then make adjustments to the muscle/tendon structure to release the strain that is holding them in this position. They feel relaxed, lighter, and their joints move easier.If you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue, this is for you. It works.

Massage has been around for centuries because it works.  Often human touch is the one luxury that we loose in our fast paced world.  Take the time to find how good it can make you feel. Go to my tab for appointments and set up a time today.

We take you there.
Communication = Harmony = Health

William Kent
LMP MA60239045 WA
LMP 20992 OR

~ Have Chi Will Travel ~

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