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I have retired from massage in Oregon and now devote my time to the Medical Qigong part of my practice.

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In Bellevue I am working exclusively out of the Saltminearium. To schedule a massage please call Annette at 425 497-9666. This will avoid double booking.


My training and approach to muscles is derived from Chinese Medical Qigong and various massage modalities involving myofascial, Swedish, Tuina, Mana Lomi, etc.

I use a form of Qigong energy detection which enables me to sense uneven tension/tone in The muscles. Basically,  I can tune in and feel the signals put out by the proprioreceptors embedded in the fascia of a client that tell the brain the strain level and distance the fascia of each muscle cell is subjected to. This is what I call my “Chinese MRI”.  When your levator is under stain, my levator will feel tense.

This detection technique greatly facilitates detecting and relieving the muscle imbalance creating your problem. Each joint has competing reciprocal muscles. In addition the muscles attach to fascia we call tendons and I tend to focus on the nerve receptors in that fascia and use pressure techniques on them to make that particular muscle relax.


Using Chinese Medical Qigong Allows me to address core issues and teach you self treatment. If you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue, this is for you. 95% of the time, your anterior thorax and abdominal muscles are in a state of mild, but continuous tension, like waiting for a “sucker punch”. Over time this will wear you out. Qigong allows you to slowly and rhythmically contract and extend specific muscles to treat the physical symptoms of auto immune disorders.

The knowledge of Qi has been around for centuries because it works.  Often human interaction is the one luxury that we loose in our fast paced world.  Take the time to find how good it can make you feel. Go to my tab for appointments and set up a time today.

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